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Soffit Vent

What is a Soffit Vent
Soffit vents are installed under the eave of a home. The eave is located at the end of the roof where the roof extends past the exterior wall of your home. Soffit vents allow for airflow to be introduces to the attic. Outside air usually comes through the soffit vents and old attic air is pushed out of other vents such as a ridge vent or roof vent.
  • Are Soffit Vents Needed
  • Lifespan

Soffit vents maintain air flow to the attic space. It increases the roofs lifespan and also reduces the chance of serious issues such as mold and/or mildew. 
Soffit vents act as low attic ventilation which allows air to enter the attic space. While air is entering the soffits, existing air is being removed through other ventilation vents. 
While soffits vents are a great source for low attic ventilation is is not one hundred percent necessary. If your home currently has soffit ventilation, that's great! If not, there may not be an immediate need to have them installed. Always consult with a building professional before introducing new ventilation to your attic. 

Poor attic ventilation may be the cause of the roof needing to be replaced prior to it's expected lifecycle. Proper attic ventilation will help ensure that the attic is getting the correct amount of ventilation and that any excess heat or moisture is able to escape the attic space. 

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