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Basement Moisture

Water in Basement
Water in basement are far too common. Some basement are finished and other or unconditioned. Most likely they may have all experienced the same thing at one point and that's accumulation of water. Water in basements is never a good thing even if you rarely go down there. Moisture in basement can cause major problems to the entire home. It can lead to structural damage, black mold and other health related issues.

What Causes Basement Moisture

Natural Sources

The most common source of basement moisture is rain water or ground water. Water can find its way into your basement from just a minor rain storm. Clogged gutters or down spouts are one main reasons water is able to intrude the basement. Rain water is not able to flow away from the home. Improper grading can allow the water to flow to the home instead of away from it allowing water to penetrate the foundation. 

Human Sources

Moisture may occur in our basements from the things we do inside our homes. Drying clothes may contribute to the moisture in a basement. Some studies have shown that the average dryer load can contain over just one half gallon of water. That can add a tremendous amount of water to your home especially if the dryer is not properly vented to the outside. 

Some basements may have a bathroom with a shower in it. A hot steamy shower can acutely raise the relative humidity up to 100%. A shower without a bathroom exhaust fan, an improperly vented or unvented fan can be a major source of basement moisture. It is always best to ensure that exhaust fans are vented properly and that they are being used during and even after a shower has taken place.

Proper Drainage

Make sure gutter s are clean and down spouts are extended from the home.


Use caution of outdoor temperature when opening basement windows.

Exhaust Appliances

Ensure clothes dryer and exhaust fans are properly vented to the outside.

Drains and Sump Pumps

Check and clear floor drains and ensure sump pumps are in working condition.
Ventilation or Air Leaks

Basement are often dark and damp. Some may offer a damp or musty smell during the warm season. In a  attempt to ventilate and help dry out the basement we may open the basement window. However, by doing so we introduce warmer outside temperature to a below grade cooler basement. The warmer air comes in contact with the cooler surfaces in the basement and condensation starts for form causing even more basement moisture. Mechanical ventilation may help keep a basement dry and comfortable. Proper size and airflow must be calculated and adjusted. Having your home evaluated by a certified professional can provide a solution to the moisture problems. 

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