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Roof Vent

What is a Roof Vent
A roof vent is another type of device that allows air to flow through the attic space and escape through the roof vent. There are several types of roof vents, turbines, powered or box vents. A hole is cut into the roof where a roof vent would be installed and shingles are placed around them. Roof vents are usually installed high on the roof allowing fresh air to be drawn in from lower vents and passed through the attic.
  • Are Roof Vents Needed
  • What are the benefits?

A roof vent is simply another type of venting option. Roof vents are typically not the sole attic ventilation option. Roof vents should be used as a part of a ventilation system. It would not be recommended to install roof vents without understanding how much ventilation the attic needs. Roof vents are usually installed so air can escape the attic. The attic ventilation system should be balanced and roof vents could be installed to help balance the air flow.  

Roof vents can be fairly easy and inexpensive to install. Others on the other hand powered roof vents may take more time and require professionals such as electricians. Nonetheless, roof vents is one method to help exhaust air from the attic space providing a well ventilated attic. 


A well ventilated attic will help your roof deck stay in good shape. Maintain good quality to the rafters and joists exposed to the attic. Additionally, a well ventilated attic will help keep your attic area dry. 

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