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Exhaust Fan

Bathroom exhaust fans is a very important item in your home. Exhaust fan should be used often, especially when showing is taking place. Bathroom exhaust fans are responsible for removing excess moisture from the bathroom. Excess moisture may cause potential mold and mildew issues. Bathroom exhaust fans removes unwanted odors and stagnant air. Some exhaust fans can be used for continuous ventilation.
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Bathroom exhaust fans are typically flush mounted to the bathroom ceiling. They are wired to a switch that may work independently or with another light in the bathroom. A vent pipe is connected to the exhaust fan and mounted to an exterior vent cap. There are several kinds of vent caps making it possible to vent the exhaust fan through the roof, exterior wall or soffit. 

Bathroom exhaust fans work by exhausting air from the bathroom to the exterior of the home through a vent duct. The amount of air that is exhausted is based on the capacity of the exhaust fan, venting material and venting configuration. Exhaust fans may be controlled by a light switch, motion senor or even humidity switch. When the fan is exhausting air to the outside, new, fresh air is replaces the old stale air. Removing moisture and contaminated air is important to having clean and safe indoor air quality. 

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