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Dryer Vent

The dryer is another appliance that exhaust air out of your home. While just simply doing another load of laundry you may not realize the costs associated with it. Dryers themselves are pretty standard when it comes to efficiency however, the venting of the dryer changes things drastically. If your vent is filled with excess lint and clogged with debris restricting airflow, this could increase the amount you spend on your utility bill. Additionally, dryer vents that have restrictions may cause the dryer to run longer and while causing heat buildup and potentially creating health and safety issues.
  • Fire Hazard
  • Vinyl/Foil Flexible Vent
  • Semi-Rigid Vent
  • Rigid Vent

The buildup of lint in the dryer vent restricting air flow can cause the dryer to have excess heat which is a great recipe for a fire. The risk of fires can easily be prevented by cleaning the dryer vent out yearly. Cleaning the dryer vent often can reduce the amount of debris or lint that is in the dryer vent. However, choosing the right dryer venting material can limit the amount of link that can buildup in general. Dryer vent material selection is key to having a more safe and efficient dryer experience. 





Flexible dryer venting whether vinyl or foil venting material is created with ridges that create turbulence in the airflow. The ridges and turbulence bounces the air around and prevents a smooth transition to the outdoors. These ridges that create the flexibility in the venting material catches and traps the link in the dyer vent eventually causing major restriction.   

If flexibility is what you need to vent the dryer to outside than semi-rigid dryer vent material should be the choice. While semi rigid material still contain ridges they are much smaller and don't have the depth such as the flexible material. Semi-rigid venting allows for the flexibility in the vent while having a little more fire protection.   

Rigid dryer vent material provides a smooth surface with no ridges. This smooth material allows for greater non-restrictive airflow. Since it is smooth with no ridges the changes of catching and trapping link is greatly reduced.   

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