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Exterior Doors

Exterior doors are more than just an entryway, they're a very important part of our home. Exterior doors not only provide a means of access but also provide privacy, safety and security. When choosing the right entry door color, style, texture and design all play a big role in your deciding factor. However, we don't want you to forget about what we believe may be the most important part which is thermal performance and energy efficiency.

Gaps and Cracks

Tight & Secure
Most exterior doors whether home is new or old often have some form of gaps and cracks. Most occupants believe that their exterior doors are tight and secure but any leaks around door can cause drafts and energy loss. These gaps and cracks around you doors are a contributing source of drafts and heat loss. It is where the cool air escapes in the summer months and where drafts occur during the winter months.

Checking For Leaks

Where Are The Drafts
To check for air leaks or drafts around an exterior door you can start with a visual inspection. You can look for any voids, seams or larger gaps around the door. Additionally, while visually inspecting the door you may check for natural sunlight that may be shining through the seams of the door indicating that air is moving through as well. If you want advanced DIY inspection, try turning on your exhaust appliances such as bathroom exhaust fans, kitchen hood and clothes dryer this will create more of a negative pressures in you home. You can use a piece of single ply issue to hold along door seams to check if it gets sucked in or blown away from the door indicating that you have drafts. With the exhaust appliances on, using incense is another way to check for drafty door. The smoke will also give you more of a visual.

Safety & Security

Always ensure exterior doors closes and locks tightly and securely. Deadbolts and working and effective.

Weather Stripping

Applying weather stripping around the exterior doors will seal any gaps and cracks allowing air to flow.

Caulk & Foam

Using sealants such as caulk and foam is one way to ensure no more unwanted drafts enter around doors.

Door Sweeps

Installing a door sweep of any kind can reduce the amount of air entering through the bottom of the door.
With a properly sealed and secure door, your exterior door is now ready to take on the outdoor elements while keeping you and your family comfortable and reducing energy cost all year long.
Quality entry doors help lower energy cost and save money by having great insulation R-values and creating airtight seals. This is very important when it is time to keep your heat in and the cold out. One of the main ways to ensure that you have an energy efficient door is to only install a door that is Energy Star rated. Energy Star set strict specifications that manufactures have to meet before earning the Energy Star label.

Entry door installation is usually not a DIY project. Installing entry doors can be difficult and daunting at times and is usually best to leave it to the professionals.

Some older homes may still have its original door. While these older doors held up amazingly, have elegance and history they no longer meet the vigorous energy efficiency standards we have today. Older doors that are original to the home tend to shift and settle with the house. Causing the door frame to shift as well. Trying to install a new door with an uneven door frame can be a tough job.

Newer homes may have other issues. One of the biggest problem we find in newer homes is the type of door installed. Often builders may install a contractor grade door to cut cost or such door was agreed on upon building. The fact is many contractor grade doors are not Energy Star and lack the insulation R-values and U-values. These doors may not hold up to the outdoor elements and the seal may not be tight or keep an airtight seal for a long period of time.

These issues, followed by a bad installation can have your home losing energy all year round. It can make the entryway feel colder or warmer than the surrounding areas. Additionally, drafts or air leakage may cause your heating and cooling system to work harder than they need to, increasing your utility bill and shortening its lifespan.

Weatherstripping plays a critical role in keeping your door airtight. Weatheripping is the first line of defense in stopping the wind and outside temperature from entering our home.

Gaps and cracks in your doors causing drafts and unwanted air to flow in and out of your home can be expensive and uncomfortable. Heating and cooling systems must work even harder to attempt to recondition the air that is lost or air that entered through leaky doors.

Weatherstripping your doors can reduce or elimiate the amount of drafts coming from the door. Choosing the right weatherstripping materials will ensure the highest level of protection against the outside elements.

Unfortunately no door alone can have the perfect seal that protects against Drafts, rain, snow and bugs.

It is not possible to make a fit so tight that it has no gaps. It your tried, your door would rub against the door jam and the floor making it extremely hard to open or impossible to open. In order to have a smooth operating door, the door must be smaller than its opening making it easy to operate. The problem is this leaves a small gap at the bottom of the door, allowing for drafts and other outside elements to enter.

This is where a door sweep comes into play. A door sweep seals the gap between the bottom of the door and the threshold.

Door sweeps come in a many different styles. The most common are strip, brussel and under-door.

When installing door sweeps, we’ll choose the most effective sweep that will meet your needs and expectations.

If you have been considering replaces an entry door, changes are you have came across the term U-Factor or U-Value.

U-Factor is the measurement of how well the door will block the sun’s heat. The lower the number means the better it is.

When shopping for a new door always look for the lowest U-Factor within your budget. If working with a contractor be sure to ask question pertaining to U-Factor and your contractor should be more than willing to give you all of the details.

As we know, R-Value is a substantial part of insulation. We have talked a lot about sealing the entry door, which is extremely important. However, the insulating component is highly important as well.

Especially, since there isn’t a lot of room for error when it comes to insulation R-Value of doors. The most common steel and fiberglass entry doors have an R-Value between R-5 and R-6 according to Keep in mind that is excluding a window in the door. Add a window and the overall R-Value will diminish quickly.

Be sure to understand why you want to replace your entry door. What benefits you expect to gain from the replacement of a new entry door. If it’s for cosmetic purposes, replace and enjoy the nice curb appeal.

However, if it’s because you walk by your door and find that its cooler than a few feet away. It could be the effect of your walls having good insulation R-Value and your entry door have far less insulation R-Value causing it to feel cooler than just a couple feet in any other direction.

Understanding the purpose and the true benefits gained when replacing an entry door will leave you satisfied with your new door. Expecting to feel a complete difference when you replace a R-4 entry door with an R-5 entry door could leave you feeling unsatisfied and very frustrated.

At Custom Weatherization we choose the right products that will stand up and protect your home from the harsh elements.

We only install doors that has earned an Energy Star label.

Our weatherstripping materials withstand temperature changes and common ware and tare from the operation of frequently opening and closing the door.

We offer quality workmanship provided by qualified professionals. Work completed on time without sacrificing quality. A smooth and clean job that meets your expectations. Additionally, we offer flexible payment plans, including financing! All this without compromising quality.

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