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Gable Vent

What is a Gable Vent
Gable vents are vents that are installed on the exterior walls of the attic space. Gable vents provide horizontal passive ventilation. As attic temperature increases the air is able to exit through one gable vent, creating a slight negative pressure. This negative pressure pulls air from outside through the other gable vent. Although a pair of gable vents can move air in and out of an attic space alone they are commonly installed with other ventilation options, such as soffits.

Attic ventilation is important to a more healthy home and attic space. Whether gable vents or other ventilation options are used, the main purpose is removing heat, moisture and preventing the accumulation of mold growth. Gable vents are one of the most commonly used vents when ensuring that the attic space has proper ventilation. This is mainly because they serve multiple purposes, one to ventilate and they add decorative value and curb appeal. Before adding gable vents to your attic ventilation system you should talk to a professional. Gable vents could potentially work against your current ventilation system, causing air to circulate but not ventilate. 

Gable vents are a great and effective way to ventilate the attic. They provide high ventilation and removes old stagnant air while replacing it with fresh air from the outside. Good quality ventilation can extend the life of your roof. 

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