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Mechanical Systems

Mechanical ventilation is used to provide fresh throughout a homes and buildings. Mechanical ventilation systems are able to circulate fresh air using quite fans that move air though ducts. Without mechanical ventilation we would have to reply on natural drafts moving uncontrolled air though holes, cracks and seams throughout the home. Our job is to seal all of these drafts and use mechanical ventilation to control the right amount of airflow moving through the home.
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • What are the benefits?

Indoor Air Quality is in direct overall proportion to your health and comfort. We spend the majority amount of out time indoors. Since the pandemic, the amount of time we spend indoors has increased. Indoor air is generally more polluted than the outdoor air. If these pollutants stay indoor and don't have an effective way to be replaced by fresh air, it can have an negative impact on our health. The installation of a ventilation system can greatly improve the indoor air quality. The ventilation system is able to exhaust old stale air which may contain allergens, pollutants, and moisture that can cause mildew and mold issues. 

Most homes often rely on natural convection to moves air in and out. Typically, this is how we allow our homes "to breath".  The fact is, when homes have uncontrolled air flow moving through unknown gaps and cracks, it often brings with it unknown contaminants along with it from from places like moist crawlspaces, basements, garages and attic spaces. All these areas have potential pollutants that are not desirable to have inside the conditioned living space. Mechanical ventilation can help provide the right amount of fresh air inside the home. 

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