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Window Replacement

It's not your windows
We have serviced many of homes and one of the biggest problems we hear is "it's our windows". Now, don't get us wrong. While windows are responsible for some drafts they are by far not the main source of air leakage. We often see homes with all new replacement windows but the occupants still feel discomfort. How is that possible, right? Well it's because there are bigger issues in the home. There are larger holes that cause major drafts and air leakage throughout the home. The areas are usually hidden and not visible from inside the conditioned area of the home. Since the real problem can be hard to detect with the naked eye the only thing to consider is "It must be the windows". Add that to the amount of window advertisements we see today, all claiming to stop drafts and save you hundreds of dollars on your utility bills, new windows start to seem like the most obvious solution.
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Why Replace Windows

What is it worth
There are definitely some reasons to replace your windows. Window can bring aesthetics and value to your home.

Added Value

Installing new windows may increase the overall value of your home.

Safety & Security

Completely broken or unsecured windows may be reason for replacement.

Curb Appeal

Windows can add updated stylish curb appeal that makes your home stand out.

Enjoying the View

New windows will have clean and clear glass. Allowing you sit sit back, relax and enjoy the view.

All of these are reasons one may want to replace their old windows. We believe there are benefits to replacing windows if you understand what the benefits are. If you are looking to conserve energy, window replacement should not be your first approach. When it comes to energy savings, windows are going to be low on the priority list. Other issues such as stack effect should be addressed first. 

One of the best thing of caulking is that it’s a task that almost anybody can do. Something else that’s amazing about caulk is that it is really good at stopping unwanted air. Caulk is inexpensive and will not break the bank but may have the some of the same results as installing new windows for the sole purpose of stopping drafts.

Weather-stripping is another easy and cost effective way to reduce drafts that may be coming from your windows. Window weather-stripping or foam tape can be purchased at many home improvement retailers. These low cost options may be effective when trying to seal up your windows.

Now, are we really saying that you should not replace the windows in your home? No. However, what we are saying is, if you’re thinking about replacing windows to save money on your utility bill windows may not want to be the place you want to start.

Addressing air sealing opportunities and insulation levels in your unconditioned attic spaces will usually be priority number one. Additionally, sealing and insulating crawlspaces or unconditioned basements will be next on the list.

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