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Ridge Vent

What is a ridge vent
A ridge vent is typically made out of aluminum, mesh type material or vinyl. Ridge vents are installed along the very peak of the roof. This provides a continuous exhaust solution at the highest point of the attic, creating airflow across the entire roof deck. The purpose of a ridge vent is to allow warm air to escape the attic during the summer months and moisture to escape during the winter season.

  • Is a Ridge Vent Needed
  • How do they work

A ridge vent can be a very important component of the attic ventilation system. The function of the ridge vent is to help control the temperature of the attic space. Proper ventilation can help reduce condensation from forming on the roof structure and other surfaces in the attic. Introducing ridge venting as part of the attic ventilation system can greatly prolong the life of the roofing materials as well as the roof sheathing or plywood decking.

Ventilation is an important aspect to a healthy attic. Ridge venting is typically part of an whole attic ventilation system is and usually not found as a sole ventilation option. In order for ridge venting to work effectively, air needs a way to enter and escape the attic. This allows for the greatest amount of outside air to enter the attic space providing a continuous ventilation flow. Soffit vents are used to provide low attic ventilation allowing for outside air to enter. As the air in the attic increases temperature it rises due to convection and escapes through the ridge vent. This type of ventilation system is know as passive and does not use any mechanical system to work. 

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