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Foundation Vents

Crawlspaces are usually the hub for moisture, mold and mildew. To deal with this moisture issues builders ventilate the crawlspace. In many areas building code enforces a vented crawlspace. The question is... should the crawlspace be vented or unvented? The answer is never so simple. The idea is venting the crawlspace would prevent moisture and mold growth. However, in many cases major moisture is present in many crawlspaces since vents bring in outside air with different temperature than the crawlspace air creating condensation.
  • Vented vs. Unvented
  • Open or Closed Vents

When deciding how to treat your crawlspace as far as ventilation is concerned, it is best to consult a professional who is trained to investigate the proper approach. Crawlspace ventilation plays a huge roll in the indoor air quality. Stack effect will cause the crawlspace containments to naturally enter the living space.    

Your crawlspace currently has vents and you're deciding whether to keep them open or closed. Every crawlspace acts differently depending on the conditions. So the answer to keeping them open or closed is different for many. Remember when introducing outdoor air into the crawlspace, the temperatures are typically different which may result in condensation. The condensation and moisture can create mold and mildew, rotting of floor joists and even rust or corrosion. 

Always consult with a trained professional when changing the ventilation design of the crawlspace. 

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