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Range Hood

Range hoods vary widely. You may find them tuck underneath a kitchen cabinet or you may find them in the middle of the kitchen giving a bold look. Nevertheless, all range hood serve the same purpose. Range hood are installed to improve the indoor air quality of the kitchen during and after coking. Range hoods help to remove odors, smoke, grease, moisture and other unwanted fumes that are produced by the use of a kitchen stove.
  • Healthy Indoor Air
  • Improves Air Quality
  • Excessive Kitchen Heat
  • Removes Kitchen Odors

Range hoods improve the indoor air quality of the kitchen and surrounding rooms of your home. The fan exhausts and drafts contaminated air to the outdoors while introducing fresh air into the home. It is important to use your kitchen range hood often, especially during cooking even when it doesn't seem like there in a need to. Turning on the range hood will help move air and keep your kitchen and home properly ventilated for healthier indoor air quality. 

One of the greatest benefits on a kitchen range hood is the improvement of indoor air quality. Range hoods provides a negative pressure pulling contaminated air through a filter and sending it to the outdoors. It is important that you replace or keep the filter in your range hood clean. Dirty or clogged filters contain excessive grease and bacteria growth. This excessive grease can also be the cause to a kitchen fire.  

It's getting hot in here! Imagine the heat from your stove top being used in addition to your oven as well. The amount of heat build-up could be substantial. Turning on the range hood will allow the excess heat to escape the kitchen area and be expelled to the outdoors.  

What's that smell? We all have our favorite popular dishes that are prepared and made with love. These dishes taste amazing when they are done but how do they smell when they are being prepared? Food such as eggs or fish can have a stench that you don't want your entire house smelling like. If the odors from these types of food have no way of escaping the kitchen area they will find there way throughout the other areas of your home. Before you know it, your home may smell like fish and eggs. These odors can penetrate carpet, furniture, clothing and hang around for quite some time. The best way to tackle this potential problem is to turn on the rang hood while cooking. The kitchen range hood will draw the unwanted odors out of the home before they have a chance to linger for too long making it harder to remove later.  

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